When only one or a few artificial teeth are needed, a dental bridge can provide a permanent solution. Bridges are affixed permanently in place for results that look, feel , and function like your very own teeth.

Just like any other custom appliance, a highly accurate impression of your mouth and teeth will need to be taken in order to fabricate replacement teeth of the perfect size and shape. Once the artificial teeth are ready, they will be cemented into place using the two surrounding teeth as anchors.

The Bridgework may be made from solid Zirconia,, porcelain fused to Zirconia or porcelain fused to high noble white metal. Zirconia, is a form of synthetic diamond. Our preferred brand of Porcelain fused to Zirconia is Lava™ by 3M. Dr. Strait and Wilton Dental Associates works with two of the best dental laboratories in the United States. At both labs they use Microscopes to finish the margins of the work that is done. We inspect all work when it returns from the lab to make sure it meets our stringent standards and that the fit is absolutely perfect. Our 35+ years of experience and our dedication to excellence allows us to assure you that your bridge or bridges will last indefinitely.

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