The loss of a tooth can be a great blow to your self esteem and day-to-day life. Not only can missing teeth affect one’s appearance, but can also negatively affect eating habits and facial bone structure. Fortunately, great advancements in prosthodontics have made it possible to permanently replace missing teeth with dental implants.

The Dental Implant Process

Once a tooth has been completely removed, the first step in placing a dental implant is to install a root-like titanium fixture directly into the jawbone. The implant will need to be installed by a specialist and given sufficient time to fuse with the jawbone and surrounding tissues.At Wilton Dental Associates we have two oral surgeons associated with our office as well as a staff Periodontist implant specialist; depending on the situation and difficulty one of these three specialists will be recommended. When this process is complete, the implant acts just like the roots of a tooth and holds the replacement firmly in place.

When Dr. Strait has determined that the implant has healed into place, a post or abutment can be attached. This will provide an anchor for your replacement tooth. A new artificial tooth will be produced using a custom mold taken from your own mouth. The color, size, and shape will match your original teeth very closely, so you can feel confident that your restored smile is perfect and symmetrical.

Dental Implant System

We now offer the most advanced implant technology available, Ankylos by Dentsply, because this is the first system that guarantees the stability, longevity, permanent aesthetics, and periodontal health of the implant, by preventing any bone loss or ditching (wear) of the bone around its base.

Care of Your Dental Implants

Once the dental implant has been placed and healed properly, it will serve you with the same strength and integrity as a natural tooth. Care for it as you care for all of your teeth.

The loss of one or more teeth is more than just an aesthetic misfortune. While teeth are the integral part of a great smile , they also serve as a most necessary component of your facial structure and lifestyle! When multiple teeth are missing, the skin of the face sags, eating and speaking habits are compromised, and jawbone loss occurs. At Wilton Dental Associates we offer restorative solutions to replace missing teeth whether one or the entire dentition and restore not only your smile, but the function, integrity and confidence that went with them.

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