A crown provides a more extensive repair to a tooth than even a high-quality bonded composite or ceramiic filling.

A crown if done properly is basically a replacement of the enamel on your teeth and is quite thin but extremely strong. Its’ most valuable uses are to prevent weak or partially cracked teeth from breaking severely, or cracking further and requiring a root canal. A crown in many situations is one of the most valuable preventive and restorative procedures you can receive.

Dr. Strait uses only the best materials and laboratories. At Wilton Dental Associates all crowns are Metal-free and most commonly are made with a ceramic Zirconia framework layered on the outside with Porcelain. This gives a very beautiful, strong, and natural looking result. 

Using a series of color-balanced lights, Dr. Strait is able to accurately match the color of your existing teeth, so the crowns not only serve as restorations, but also as cosmetic improvements.

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