At Wilton Dental Associates we are dedicated to making sure the dental work you receive can last indefinitely. To that end we take the time to do the work exactingly and to utilize the very best technology and materials. Part of this is making sure we keep up with the latest material technology.

Nowadays, there is a myriad of materials produced and developed by numerous dental companies and when it comes to choosing our dental materials, some of the most important criteria we consider are biocompatibility and longevity.

Dr. Strait uses only the best non-metal, all bonded, glass-filled 3M composites as well as Admira Fusion by Voco the worlds first purely ceramic-based restorative material which is BPA-free.

Unlike metal amalgams, this type of filling material is resistant to shrinking, non-toxic, strengthens teeth, and matches the color of your existing teeth. Composite material bonds very closely to tooth structure, becoming more like part of the original tooth.

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