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Ninety-five percent (95%) of our patients never get any new dental disease, due to our unique preventative technology.

We treat the cause of dental disease, not just the symptoms. We offer complete care in one location. You are assured of a comfortable and pleasant experience, as well as outstanding care for a lifetime. 

"Wilton Dental Associates is the most personal, caring and thorough dental office I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve had a lot of work done over the years )!"
- Kathy Bowman Drake (on Google) Sept, 2018

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After practicing dentistry for 30 years and observing the results of quality dental care coupled with effective prevention we believe dental care can last indefinitely. 
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We have designed our modern facility to offer services not readily offered elsewhere. We have equipped our office with advanced capabilities for diagnosis and treatment.
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Your comfort level in our office is of utmost importance to us. Feel free to let our Concierge Coordinator know about any special needs or concerns you have. 

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Non-surgical periodontal treatment is by far the best treatment. Most importantly at Wilton Dental Associates we GUARANTEE you get results!

Non-surgical periodontal treatment is by far the best treatment. Most importantly at Wilton Dental Associates we GUARANTEE you get results!

For anyone who has any of the following symptoms you probably have some form of Periodontal Disease and Non-surgical periodontal treatment is by far the best treatment. Most importantly at Wilton Dental Associates we GUARANTEE you get results!:

  1. Bleeding gums
  2. Receding gums or longer appearing teeth.
  3. Root exposure
  4. Tenderness around or between the teeth.
  5. Uncomfortable visits or bleeding when you have your teeth cleaned.
  6. Bad breath 
  7. Shifting of teeth.
  8. Loose teeth.
  9. Sensitive teeth.

We treat the CAUSE of dental disease NOT just the symptoms!

I. Identify the Cause

The cause of periodontal disease is very specific varieties of bacteria. In order to treat you we need to know what types you have and how active they are. We use the very newest Phase microscope and Micro-IDent DNA testing technology.


II. Eliminate the Cause

First we teach you how to eliminate all the bad pathogenic periodontal disease causing bacteria using advanced home care and antibacterial methods and technology. You will learn how to become vastly more efficient and effective with what you do at home. You will learn things you probably did not know about before. Your Hygienist at Wilton Dental Associates will be your Coach! In most cases you will not have to spend significantly more time at home with you oral hygiene home care then you were previously.

Secondly we will use the Phase Microscope as a monitor along with your Hygieniist coach to make sure you are getting actual and significant results.

Thirdly and this is usually on your second dental appointment ,the same visit as the hygienist verifies that you are getting results, we do subgingival treatment of any periodontal pockets or defects in the gums or bone. This is a PAINLESS procedure. The hygienist numbs your gums and any periodontal pocket areas with OraquiX. Oraqix is a needle-free subgingival (below the gumline) anesthetic for use in adults requiring localized anesthesia in periodontal pockets during scaling and/or root planing procedures. The hygienist then makes sure these areas are completely clean using tiny instruments and during this time she irrigates with an antibacterial solution which helps to remove anything that has caused the periodontal defect or pocket to have formed in the first place. These areas are now essentially sterile. After the visit you continue the home care regimen you were taught. Because we now have a clean sterile periodontal defect free of bad bacteria, we find that routinely these periodontal pockets or defects heal. In the vast number of cases in our office there is a complete elimination of periodontal disease and as long as preventive home care and regular preventive care is maintained you will stay healthy indefinitely. For those patients who have more advanced periodontal disease with periododontal defects of 6mm or 7mm or more we will still make a great deal of progress and in most cases reduce the need for any further treatment to a much smaller area. If there are pockets or defects still remaining in these more advanced periodontal disease situations there will be a need for repairing or regenerating procedures. This will ensure you are able to maintain long term and permanent health. 

III. Maintain health 

We have found in thousands of people we have helped that in every case if we put in place the methods and technology that you use at home along with good preventive care, you will not only get healthy, you will stay healthy!!

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