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talk awards 7 consecutive years articleWe want to thank everyone responsible for our 7 years streak of receiving the TALK AWARD for excellence in patient satisfaction.

The Award is based upon customer feedback online and the selection process quite comprehensive:

Star ratings from the websites, the number of user reviews, scores from other business-rating services and accolades found through our research establish the basis for our ratings. This annual audit provides data for a review process to evaluate and rate its findings. Based on the results of this review and internal guidelines we assign our own rating to act as a representation of the data we have accrued.

By combining all online information into one score, consumers and businesses receive a fairer overview of customer feedback without having to spend hours locating all the information. Talk Awards takes the worry and work out of finding the top consumer-rated businesses across the country."www.TheTalkAwards.com

Here at Wilton Dental Associates, our approach to dentistry is focused on long-term dental health. We advocate preventive care, and where necessary we treat the CAUSE of Dental disease, not just the symptoms. We are proud to serve our community and see our patients respond with healthy smiles and continued patronage.

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