Out of 250,000 dentists in the U.S. only about 1000 have a microscope and are actually helping people get rid of the dental disease causing bad bacteria.

What is amazing is that most people are totally unaware that a system like our office uses is available and that traditional or electronic toothbrushing , flossing , mouthwashes, and toothpaste does nothing more than only partially reduce the bad disease causing bacteria and therefore does not stop dental disease (gum recession, bone loss, decay, etc.).

At Wilton Dental Associates we utilize a unique preventive program that eliminates the bacteria that cause decay, gum recession and periodontal disease.

What makes this system different is that we:

1. Identify and quantify the bad disease causing bacteria using a phase microscope equipped with a video camera and a very high definition monitor.

2. Show you how to totally eliminate all the bad disease causing bacteria without affecting the good healthy bacteria.

3. Make sure you succeed and reduce new dental disease to Zero thereby assuring that you have a healthy mouth while saving thousands of dollars in future dental care.

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