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After almost 21 years of being an Invisalign provider and previously delivering only traditional orthodontics/braces I can say to you without reservation that Invisalign orthodontics is far superior to traditional orthodontics and for that matter far superior to any of its’ competitors for a number of reasons.

“Dental Care is TOO Expensive”; “I can’t afford to go to the dentist”, “I don’t have Dental Insurance”

For many people and maybe YOU, the person reading this blog, these quotes may hit home!

A dentist or hygienist without a phase microscope is like a blind dentist or a blind hygienist. 

Critical to both your dental and total health, a healthful well balanced diet is a good place to start, but unfortunately not enough.

Dentists who do not sign up with your insurance company are “non-participating dental care providers and can be used by you although your insurance company would prefer you did not know this.

After 30+ years of dental practice and after examining and observing thousands of dental patients we can state with confidence that your Dental Care is Expensive when the dental care you receive is not excellent and when you do not have a truly effective preventive program provided for you.

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