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Welcome to our beautiful and caring community, it’s really a special place that you have chosen to live. We have the great privilege of providing dentistry here and have done so for some time.

By BEST I assume you mean a dentist who is dedicated to providing the best care possible, the most effective preventive care, a dentist who will help you to stay healthy and improves or maintains your smile, and the dentist that in the long run which will actually cost you less because the care he provides lasts indefinitely and prevents new problems.

Do you want to read further? Well the good news is this means you are in an elite group. Knowing about what I am going to tell you and following it up can save you a great deal of time, aggravation, discomfort, inconvenience and save you many thousands of dollars!


At our offices we utilize a unique preventive program that eliminates the bacteria that cause decay, gum recession and periodontal disease. What makes this system different is that we:

You probably think because all dentists seemingly need to meet fairly similar requirements to pass their board examinations throughout the United States that your dentist like every other dentist must have the same or similar training. Unfortunately for you and the public in general this is not the case.

If you follow these 5 basics you can achieve and maintain a healthy and youthful smile for a lifetime. You can be like 95% of our patients and NEVER get any new dental disease. You can be assured of this because we have been achieving this with our patients for over 30 years!

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