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Ninety-five percent (95%) of our patients never get any new dental disease, due to our unique preventative technology.

We treat the cause of dental disease, not just the symptoms. We offer complete care in one location. You are assured of a comfortable and pleasant experience, as well as outstanding care for a lifetime. 

"Wilton Dental Associates is the most personal, caring and thorough dental office I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve had a lot of work done over the years )!"
- Kathy Bowman Drake (on Google) Sept, 2018

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After practicing dentistry for 30 years and observing the results of quality dental care coupled with effective prevention we believe dental care can last indefinitely. 
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We have designed our modern facility to offer services not readily offered elsewhere. We have equipped our office with advanced capabilities for diagnosis and treatment.
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After almost 21 years of being an Invisalign provider and previously delivering only traditional orthodontics/braces I can say to you without reservation that Invisalign orthodontics is far superior to traditional orthodontics and for that matter far superior to any of its’ competitors for a number of reasons.

16. invisalign

Align/ INVISALIGN is a 21st Century technology company holding as of 2018, 420 active U.S. patents and 456 active international patents. Also thanks to its continued focus on research and development, the company also claims 416 pending patents across the world.

  1. Unlike Braces/traditional orthodontics, Invisalign is better for the structural integrity of your teeth and bone. The forces used on your teeth with Invisalign orthodontics are controlled by a computer and they are physiologic. This means that the forces used in moving your teeth are gentle and never exceed the limits of what the supporting structures of your teeth will accept. The forces which are used on your teeth with braces/ traditional orthodontics are a guess by the dentist when he tightens the wires on your teeth and therefore often exceed these limits and the result can be damage to the supporting structures of your teeth. Braces/traditional orthodontics unfortunately can cause you loss of root length or bone structure.
  2. Unlike Braces, Invisalign is a computer technology and therefore your final result can be visualized before your treatment begins. This makes your final result with Invisalign much more predictable. For example, with Invisalign in the process of eliminating crowding the extent to which the arch of your teeth will be expanded is totally controlled and determined before treatment begins using 3D models at each step of the expansion.
  3. Invisalign is faster because the forces although gentle are continuous. You should know that Invisalign computer generated gentle physiologic forces move your teeth much faster than braces because with Invisalgn gentle physiologic forces maximize the body’s remodeling of the bone as the teeth move.
  4. Invisalign is far more comfortable for you than Braces/traditional orthodontics and that is one of the most obvious benefits!
  5. Invisalign is healthier for you than braces. Unlike Braces, Invisalign makes maintaining your teeth, Gum/ periodontal health normal and easy during treatment and this is extremely important during any orthodontic movement of the teeth. The wires and brackets of traditional orthodontics make it extremely difficult to maintain healthy gums and teeth and leaves you with innumerable places for disease causing bacteria to hide.
  6. Unlike traditional Braces, Invisalign aligners are almost invisible. So with Invisalign your smile improves as your orthodontic treatment progresses.
  7. Invisalign treats all your teeth and your entire dental arch unlike braces which almost always excludes the movement of your second or third permanent molars.
  8. With Invisalign there is almost never a reason to remove teeth due to crowding. Due to the computer generated technology and ability to see all movement of your teeth before starting, Invisalign orthodontic treatment allows you to create whatever room is needed via expansion and polishing between teeth. In 21 years of treating malocclusion and crowding with Invisalign I have never had to resort to removing teeth.
  9. Unlike traditional braces, with Invisalign you can eat at meals whatever you normally eat with no restrictions.
  10. Invisalign allows you to plan in advance for any future Cosmetic Dentistry precisely and with no guessing. 
  11. Invisalign allows you a far easier and faster correction of crossbites due to the protection of interferences offered by the aligners.
A. Vandiveer Strait BA DDS FAGDsml


Dr. Strait is the owner and director of Wilton Dental Associates. He is also founder and Executive Director of the Periodontal Pathogen Public Education Foundation which is dedicated to public education and preventive dentistry.



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