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Ninety-five percent (95%) of our patients never get any new dental disease, due to our unique preventative technology.

We treat the cause of dental disease, not just the symptoms. We offer complete care in one location. You are assured of a comfortable and pleasant experience, as well as outstanding care for a lifetime. 

"Wilton Dental Associates is the most personal, caring and thorough dental office I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve had a lot of work done over the years )!"
- Kathy Bowman Drake (on Google) Sept, 2018

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After practicing dentistry for 30 years and observing the results of quality dental care coupled with effective prevention we believe dental care can last indefinitely. 
Lifetime Dental Care Guarantee


We have designed our modern facility to offer services not readily offered elsewhere. We have equipped our office with advanced capabilities for diagnosis and treatment.
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Your comfort level in our office is of utmost importance to us. Feel free to let our Concierge Coordinator know about any special needs or concerns you have. 

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By BEST I assume you mean a dentist who is dedicated to providing the best care possible, the most effective preventive care, a dentist who will help you to stay healthy and improves or maintains your smile, and the dentist that in the long run which will actually cost you less because the care he provides lasts indefinitely and prevents new problems.



9. how do i choose the best dentist

  1. Your initial appointment is for about an hour to an hour and a half and does NOT include a “cleaning” (Exception is when your first appointment is a new patient special which may include a cleaning)
  2. You notice the reception area is comfortable and attractive and does not have room for a lot of patients (otherwise it is a waiting room).
  3. The history and examination are in depth and very thorough and include at a minimum: a. Your past medical and dental history and overall experience., b. a clinical examination that includes your teeth, your bite, your gums, all your soft tissues including your tongue, tonsillar area and throat, your neck including the thyroid and lymph glands, the TMJ/ temperomandibular joint, and the muscles and ligaments involved in chewing., c. a cosmetic evaluation, d. a periodontal charting of the crevice depths around your teeth., e. a oral cancer screening., f. a complete set of x-rays (normally 16 to 18)., g. photos of your mouth and teeth., and h. models of your teeth if your are missing any teeth or if there are bite or TMJ issues.
  4. You have a separate consultation appointment which should be at least 30 minutes and this may be coupled with your first oral hygiene visit/ cleaning or some preventive procedure or instruction.
  5. At the consultation the dentist explains to you what he has found and emphasizes what can be done to prevent future dental disease and problems as well as what can be done (with alternatives) to correct any problem or concern you have.
  6. All treatment recommendations are explained to you in detail and this along with fees are put in writing and given to you.
  7. On your first oral hygiene/ cleaning visit the dental hygienist spends over an hour with you (normally one hour and 20 minutes on average).
  8. Nothing the dentist does or the hygienist does is painful.

For more information about your dental health and about what has been covered in this article please read more of my articles; see our YouTube channel directly or via our website; or call our office - Wilton Dental Associates 203-761-0223


A. Vandiveer Strait BA DDS FAGDsml
Dr. Strait is the owner and director of Wilton Dental Associates. He is also founder and Executive Director of the Periodontal Pathogen Public Education Foundation which is dedicated to public education and preventive dentistry.
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