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Do you know there is technology, materials, and home care equipment that exists right now to prevent all gum disease, periodontal disease, gum recession, and Cavities/dental decay?

3. all dental disease is preventable

You can do it quite readily by simply going to a Dentist and Hygienist who can show you how to get rid of the bad, disease causing bacteria in your mouth while not affecting the good, beneficial bacteria. It can be done because these two kinds of bacteria are very different.

All that is involved is:

  1. Using the right home care program.
  2. Using the antibacterial mouthwash Therasol, which you can get from any preventive dentist who knows about it, thru Dental Store for which there is a link (www.WiltonDentalAssociates.com) or directly from the manufacturer (Oratec).
  3. Most importantly getting the help of an oral hygiene coach who knows the technique and has a Phase microscope to monitor your effectiveness and success. 

We offer this service to you in our office and currently have 95% of our established patients free of all new dental disease permanently. You or anyone who desires it can have this wonderful result as well.

A. Vandiveer Strait BA DDS FAGDsml
Dr. Strait is the owner and director of Wilton Dental Associates. He is also founder and Executive Director of the Periodontal Pathogen Public Education Foundation which is dedicated to public education and preventive dentistry.
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