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You should know that Dentists have become involved because 90% of People with significant Sleep Airway Health issues are undiagnosed and up to 80% of people being treated with a CPAP are intolerant or are not successfully treated. At Wilton Dental Associates we offer you free Airway health screenings using the newest most sophisticated technology.

The majority of Americans believe that an unattractive smile can prevent a person from achieving financial prosperity and that having a great smile contributes to career success.

At Wilton Dental Associates we have proven that if your fillings/restorations are done right using our channeling technique they will last almost indefinitely. 

If it is your front tooth the answer is generally NO, unless the tooth is quite weak. If is not your front tooth, that is one of your posterior teeth, the answer is generally Yes.


The American Academy of Periodontology states: “periodontal bacteria can enter the blood stream and travel to major organs and begin new infections.” The AAP as well as medical and dental authorities and researchers agree that there is strong evidence that dental/ periodontal bacteria can:

For you or anyone who wants to keep their teeth and better than that, keep them healthy, FLOSSING is ESSENTIAL!

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