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Here are some important facts you should know about using dental insurance that the insurance company does not want you to know.

1., Insurance Companies are among the most profitable of all businesses and health care insurance companies have shown record profits in recent years.

2., Did you know that a dentist who has signed up with an insurance company is told by that insurance company what care he can provide to you? Ask yourself, why should an investment banking insurance company dictate your care over a licensed professional dentist.

3., a dentist who signs up with an Insurance Company is doing so because he wants more patients and in fact may be desperate for new patients since the insurance company is promising him a constant supply of new patients.

4., Once the dentist has signed up with the insurance company and accepted their reduced fees and restricted procedure policy he soon finds out that the only way he can pay his bills and survive is to reduce the time he spends on every dental treatment procedure and/or reduce the quality of the materials and laboratory he uses, and/or discourage, reduce, or eliminate preventive dental care. Some dentist’s do this to an extreme and some of the highest paid dentists with the most profitable practices are “insurance dentists” who accept almost every dental insurance plan.

5. Actual statistics show that a person who constantly uses a dentist on the list of their insurance company will over their lifetime spend an average of $15,000.00 more out of pocket than a person who never goes to an “insurance dentist”, but instead seeks out the best fee for service dentist who emphasizes preventive dental care. These people understand that whether their employer’s insurance “benefit” pays for some or seemingly most of their care, they are far better off with a dentist dedicated to excellence rather than a dentist dedicated to the insurance company.
Dental insurance is a benefit provided by an employer. If the employer pays in, let’s say, $1500.00 dollars per year to the insurance company per employee, on average an employee will only collect about $750.00. As an individual or as an employee you will be much better off if you use your own money or get your employer to pay to you the same amount that he pays to the insurance company for your “dental insurance”. The fact is “dental insurance” is a very bad deal both financially and dental healthwise. Some employers offer direct reimbursement plans in which the company reimburses you up to the amount they would have paid the insurance company and in these cases the employee on average will receive close to twice the benefit/ dollar amount they would have with traditional “dental insurance”. In any case If you are “given” dental insurance and have no options you should definitely use it, but using the insurance companies list of “their dentists”(dentists under contract) is not a smart decision. That is what they want you to do, because it costs them less money overall. Don’t you think you should pick a dentist based on finding the best care and in particular the best preventive care? If you choose a non-participating/ fee for service dentist who can give you the correct diagnosis and care because he is not influenced or governed by the insurance company, you will enjoy a much healthier mouth and in the long run and many times in the short run doing this will save you a great deal of out of pocket money, no matter what the insurance company tells you. Additionally you will receive an higher quality of care and are much more likely to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

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