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Periodontal Care & Surgery

Preventative Care for Brookfield, CT, Newtown, CT, Redding, CT & Neighboring Areas

Dr Strait is a periodontist as well as a general and cosmetic dentist and has advanced post-graduate specialty training and experience treating and correcting all aspects of periodontal defects and disease.

However, the basis and long term success of all periodontal care is the elimination of periodontal pathogenic bacteria by effective oral hygiene and preventive care.

Periodontal Surgery

The purpose of periodontal surgery is the repair or regeneration of existing defects in the gums, bone, and supporting structures. If surgery is required, you will not need to visit a separate specialist to have it done, but can have your surgical treatment right here at Wilton Dental Associates. Surgery, however, does not eliminate, stop, or prevent the continuation or re-occurrence of periodontal disease, nor the further destruction or recession of these tissues.

At Wilton Dental Associates, our primary purpose is to enable you to eliminate pathogenic periodontal bacteria on a permanent basis, in order to assure your success in preventing future problems and maintaining dental health.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

To help us ensure the health of your gums, we utilize these advanced dental tools:

Periodontal Screening and Recording Probe

An invaluable component of periodontal screening, this tool allows us to quickly and effectively determine the health of your gums, as well as your risk for gum disease. The PSR probe is used to examine the gum-line around each individual tooth, and measure the depth of the pockets between the teeth and gums. These measurements are recorded and calculated on a scale to determine how healthy your gum tissue is.

Antibiotic Gum Treatment

If periodontal issues are found within your gums, we act fast. Antibiotics are an effective way to treat a variety of gum problems. Depending on the type of bacteria, antibiotic therapy may be used to treat abscesses, certain types of gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum disease that has not improved with other treatments. The antibiotics will either be placed under the affected gum tissue, or it will be prescribed as an oral medication.

Ultra-Sonic Scaler

Plaque and tartar are the root causes of many types of gum disease; it is imperative that both be removed thoroughly each time you visit. When the build-up is advanced or has extended below the gum-line, an ultra-sonic scaler may be used. This instrument breaks down and removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth. High-frequency vibration breaks down bacterial cell membranes, so any build-up on the tooth or tooth root is removed quickly and completely.

Oraqix Topical Anesthetic System

We understand that although gum treatment may be necessary for your dental health, it doesn’t always feel good. That’s why we use the most advanced anesthetic methods to ensure your comfort. The Oraqix topical anesthetic system allows our hygienist to numb the gums and periodontal structures without using any other anesthesia. This enables us to perform prophylaxis cleaning, periodontal scaling, and root planing in a comfortable and painless manner.

To find out how Dr. Van Strait at Wilton Dental Associates in CT can help you with your dental needs, call 203-761-0223.

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X-Ray and Diagnosis

Preventative Care X-Ray and Diagnosis

Wilton Dental XraysWilton Dental Associates uses the safest radiograph technology that is available today. Our paralleling x-ray technique, utilizing long-cone-paralleling, improves on the radiation exposure of standard x-rays by as much as 90%.

Also available in our office are panographic x-rays, which enable us to look at all the structures of the upper and lower jaw, including the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), with minimal distortion and minimal x-ray exposure.

Our technology completely prevents radiation exposure to any area of the body other than the teeth, thus totally eliminating the need for lead aprons and the fear of radiation exposure by women who are pregnant or nursing. (We do still use lead aprons for their psychological value.) In fact, the radiation received from a complete x-ray series of sicteen films is only equal to what you would get during a week at home from normal background radiation (not counting what comes from higher radiation sources such as television, microwave, computer terminals, etc).

Ask for a copy of the research about the very low x-ray exposure of our new technology.

To find out how Dr. Van Strait at Wilton Dental Associates in CT can help you with your dental needs, call 203-761-0223.

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Oral Exam

Preventative Care Oral Examination

Wilton Dental Oral ExamOral examination might seem like a simple and easy part of your dental care, but here at Wilton Dental Associates, we take it seriously. A knowledgeable examination is a cornerstone of dental health. An inadequate examination could overlook major issues.

In order to guarantee the most thorough examination possible, we utilize direct fiber-optic lighting with Quadrilite technology, as well as the most advanced surgical telescopes. Quadrilite is the leading brand of medical and dental lighting, while our surgical telescopes magnify each detail of your smile in stunning clarity. This cutting-edge combination allows us to examine all surfaces of the teeth and mouth in intricate detail.

The traditional oral exams of the past often used substandard lighting and only the naked eye to check for problems. This is not enough to ensure the dental health of our patients. If any issues do exist, they will be less expensive to repair when diagnosed early. We pull out all the stops for the best oral examinations possible, to ensure long-lasting dental health for each and every one of our patients.

To find out how Dr. Van Strait at Wilton Dental Associates in CT can help you with your dental needs, call 203-761-0223.

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Patient History and Interview

Preventative Care Patient History & Interview for Danbury, CT, Bethel, CT & Surrounding Areas

Wilton Dental

The unique health evaluation that we do at Wilton Dental Associates is the most in-depth and comprehensive examination you will ever have.

The interview is conducted by Dr. Strait, who ascertains your awareness of dental health, your previous negative experiences (for which you may require help or special care), your health orientation, and your desire to prevent future problems and obtain optimum health. This initial interview process helps us understand you and build the relationship based on trust and care that every patient desires to have with his or her doctor.

The medical history identifies any health or other problems that may affect the outcome of your treatments or the quality of care received by you.

The dental history identifies significant dental treatment or neglect of dental care you may have experienced in the past. The dental history ascertains:

  • If and why teeth were lost
  • Family history
  • Sensitivities of the teeth to hot, cold, sweets, or acids
  • Previous orthodontic care
  • Home care and habits
  • The possible presence of food impaction areas
  • Bruxism (tooth grinding)
  • Previous periodontal treatment
  • Any concern with offensive breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth

To find out how Dr. Van Strait at Wilton Dental Associates in CT can help you with your dental needs, call 203-761-0223.

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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Care for Brookfield, CT, Ridgefield, CT, Redding, CT & Surrounding Areas

Wilton Dental Preventative DentistryAt Wilton Dental Associates, Dr. Strait emphasizes preventative dentistry.

During your initial visit, he will interview you to identify your priorities, needs, and any pre-existing conditions that may effect your current or future dental health.

Diagnostic Exam and Cleaning

In addition to the standard oral examination, Dr. Strait uses state-of-the-art panographic x-rays that are safe and extremely effective at identifying problem areas. Dr. Strait’s patients also enjoy cavity-and-disease-free dental visits, due to the many services he performs as part of each examination. Plaque control, cleaning, fluoride treatments, antibacterial therapy, microscopic cultures, nutritional counseling, and dental sealants – all routine.

Personal Consultation and Treatment Plan

We strongly believe that it is important for us to provide each of our patients with a detailed and personalized treatment plan in writing. Dr. Strait will go over your treatment plan with you in person, to outline the proposed treatments that are unique to you as a patient. We keep in mind your goals and will work to prevent future problems from occurring.

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X-Ray and Diagnosis
Periodontal Care & Surgery

To find out how Dr. Van Strait at Wilton Dental Associates in CT can help you with your dental needs, call 203-761-0223.

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