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Best solution for open bites

An open bite is defined as a dental condition in which the upper and lower posterior molar teeth touch/ contact but some or none of the anterior teeth or bicuspid teeth touch/ contact when the person closes there mouth and brings their teeth together. It is very common that people with open bites desire to have this condition corrected in order to improve the function, occlusion/ bite, health, and esthetics/ appearance of the teeth, dentition and smile. Until Invisalign the correction of open bites was done with either orthognathic surgery or with traditional wire and bracket orthodontics. Unfortunately the relapse or reoccurrence of an open bite that was corrected has been quite common. Recent studies have shown that Invisalign corrects open bites better that either surgery or wires and bracket orthodontics and in addition retains these cases far better with almost no cases of relapse. Currently it is theorized that this greater success and retention rate is due to the actual aligners that are used with Invisalign. These aligners somehow cause the tongue to be retrained so that the force of the tongue which causes the usual relapses with surgery or traditional orthodontics does not happen with Invisalign. There are other advantages to using Invisalign among them comfort, appearance during treatment, speed of treatment, and ease of normal oral hygiene, i.e. brushing and flossing

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