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Root Canal Therapy- Endodontics

Wilton DentalWe’ve all heard negative or scary stories about root canal treatment or, as it is more formally called, endodontics. Root canal therapy has a lot of negative connotations, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Endodontics is an advanced technique that allows us to save patients from severe pain and even the loss of a tooth.

To understand this, you must first understand the basic makeup of your teeth. What you see on the outside of a tooth is the enamel, but deep inside is a system of nerves and blood vessels called the pulp. This pulp is what gives life to your tooth, and it extends through the root using small passages called root canals. If bacteria finds its way inside the pulp or root canals, the result is often painful and damaging. It takes a highly skilled practitioner to repair this damage while maintaining the comfort of the patient.

Endodontic Training and Equipment

Dr. Strait has over 25 years of experience, as well as advanced specialty-level training in endodontics (root canal therapy). Through these experiences, he has learned cutting-edge techniques, such as computer-generated technology and 3D obturation (filling and sealing) of the root canals in the teeth. The very best high-magnification surgical telescopes, by Oroscopic and Designs for Vision, are used in all of our endodontic procedures, and fiber-optic illumination of the operating field is always present. These tools help us to ensure that our endodontic treatments are performed quickly and thoroughly.

Pain-Free Root Canal Treatments

With the latest advancements in single-tooth anesthesia and needleless injections, root canal therapy is never a scary story in our office. Dr. Strait believes that all endodontic treatments should be pain-free, and the vast majority of cases can be treated successfully in one appointment. He even has experience in the re-treatment of formerly unsuccessfully treated teeth, so don’t allow your old negative experiences with root canal therapy to ruin your dental health. Let Dr. Strait soothe away your fears and your pain with the skilled touch of the expert.

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