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Bridges and Dentures

Wilton DentalThe loss of multiple teeth is more than just an aesthetic misfortune. While teeth do look great in a smile, they also serve as a most necessary component of your facial structure and lifestyle! When multiple teeth are missing, the skin of the face sags, eating and speaking habits are compromised, and even jawbone loss can occur. We offer restorative solutions to replace those missing teeth and the confidence that went with them.


Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that appear and act just like natural teeth. They can be used for eating and speaking, but are also removable when necessary. Today’s advancements have made dentures much more comfortable for everyday use.

Custom dentures are made using measurements taken from your own jaws, so the fit is natural and exact. With proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, a set of dentures will last for many years.

We guarantee our partials as we do our crowns – indefinitely. Therefore, we recommend only the brands that use the best precision technology, with stress breakers to allow for natural movement. This technology results in almost no breakage, and this type of attachment can be easily adjusted for retention, etc.  One preferred brand is Bredent.


When only one or a few artificial teeth are needed, a dental bridge can provide a more permanent solution. Bridges can be affixed firmly into place for results that are very realistic.

Just like any other custom appliance, an impression of your mouth and teeth will need to be taken in order to fabricate replacement teeth of the perfect size and shape. Once the artificial teeth are ready, they will be cemented into place using the two surrounding teeth as anchors.

The artificial teeth may be porcelain, fused to high noble white metal, or they may be zirconia, which is synthetic diamond. Our preferred brand is Lava™ Zirconia by 3M

In order to guarantee the longevity of your artificial teeth, make sure to brush and floss routinely and maintain regular dental checkups.

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