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X-Ray and Diagnosis

Preventative Care X-Ray and Diagnosis

Wilton Dental XraysWilton Dental Associates uses the safest radiograph technology that is available today. Our paralleling x-ray technique, utilizing long-cone-paralleling, improves on the radiation exposure of standard x-rays by as much as 90%.

Also available in our office are panographic x-rays, which enable us to look at all the structures of the upper and lower jaw, including the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), with minimal distortion and minimal x-ray exposure.

Our technology completely prevents radiation exposure to any area of the body other than the teeth, thus totally eliminating the need for lead aprons and the fear of radiation exposure by women who are pregnant or nursing. (We do still use lead aprons for their psychological value.) In fact, the radiation received from a complete x-ray series of sicteen films is only equal to what you would get during a week at home from normal background radiation (not counting what comes from higher radiation sources such as television, microwave, computer terminals, etc).

Ask for a copy of the research about the very low x-ray exposure of our new technology.

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