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Oral Exam

Preventative Care Oral Examination

Wilton Dental Oral ExamOral examination might seem like a simple and easy part of your dental care, but here at Wilton Dental Associates, we take it seriously. A knowledgeable examination is a cornerstone of dental health. An inadequate examination could overlook major issues.

In order to guarantee the most thorough examination possible, we utilize direct fiber-optic lighting with Quadrilite technology, as well as the most advanced surgical telescopes. Quadrilite is the leading brand of medical and dental lighting, while our surgical telescopes magnify each detail of your smile in stunning clarity. This cutting-edge combination allows us to examine all surfaces of the teeth and mouth in intricate detail.

The traditional oral exams of the past often used substandard lighting and only the naked eye to check for problems. This is not enough to ensure the dental health of our patients. If any issues do exist, they will be less expensive to repair when diagnosed early. We pull out all the stops for the best oral examinations possible, to ensure long-lasting dental health for each and every one of our patients.

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