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“Every patient wants to feel "special" and you have treated me that way with what I know to be knowledgeable and exceptional care.” - Ann

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Care for Brookfield, CT, Ridgefield, CT, Redding, CT & Surrounding Areas

Wilton Dental Preventative DentistryAt Wilton Dental Associates, Dr. Strait emphasizes preventative dentistry.

During your initial visit, he will interview you to identify your priorities, needs, and any pre-existing conditions that may effect your current or future dental health.

Diagnostic Exam and Cleaning

In addition to the standard oral examination, Dr. Strait uses state-of-the-art panographic x-rays that are safe and extremely effective at identifying problem areas. Dr. Strait’s patients also enjoy cavity-and-disease-free dental visits, due to the many services he performs as part of each examination. Plaque control, cleaning, fluoride treatments, antibacterial therapy, microscopic cultures, nutritional counseling, and dental sealants – all routine.

Personal Consultation and Treatment Plan

We strongly believe that it is important for us to provide each of our patients with a detailed and personalized treatment plan in writing. Dr. Strait will go over your treatment plan with you in person, to outline the proposed treatments that are unique to you as a patient. We keep in mind your goals and will work to prevent future problems from occurring.

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Patient History and Interview
Oral Exams
X-Ray and Diagnosis
Periodontal Care & Surgery

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