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It’s a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, will eventually destroy the gums, bone and ligaments supporting your teeth. It’s the primary cause of tooth loss in adults and unfortunately, it’s a disease that usually progresses without any pain or obvious symptoms. If left untreated your gums recede, teeth loosen, abscesses (pain) often develop, and ultimately your teeth must be extracted. What a shame and waste. Why? Because the disease is very easy for professionals to diagnose And IT CAN BE STOPPED at any stage and the cause eliminated. Of course… THE EARLIER YOU

DISCOVER IT, THE EASIER IT IS TO GET RID OF. The question is… Do you have it? If you do, but you’re not aware of it…then it’s probably

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in the early stages, and thus, will be easy to cure. If you think (or know) you have it, please do something about it NOW. Don’t delay…please. It will never be easy to correct as it is right now. It’s not a disease that gets better on its own. site database expired domains .

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