“Pick a dental practice with long term success at achieving and maintaining periodontal health.”

The purpose of periodontal surgery is the repair or regeneration of existing defects in the gums, bone, and supporting structures. If surgery is required, you will not need to visit a separate office to have it done, but can have your surgical treatment right here at Wilton Dental Associates. Our specialist and Dr. Strait both have over 25 years experience with all aspects of periodontal repair and regeneration. We also believe that if this procedure is needed it should be completely painless.

At Wilton Dental Associates we use the newest and proven most successful technology. We have the ability to regenerate new bone, new root attachment, or new gingival/ attached gum tissues. Today there are synthetic materials and matrixes that can make the procedures far less invasive and therefore a faster, more comfortable post treatment experience. Of course, each person receives a customized program to restore the health and appearance of their gums/gingival tissues and supporting bone. Our long term success with our patients is because of our unique and proven periodontal preventive program. It is important to note that surgery does not eliminate, stop, or prevent the continuation or re-occurrence of periodontal disease, nor the further destruction or recession of these tissues and that is why it is so important to pick a dental practice that has a track record of long term success with periodontal health. At Wilton Dental Associates, our primary purpose is to enable you to eliminate pathogenic periodontal bacteria on a permanent basis, in order to assure your success in preventing future problems and maintaining dental health.

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