At Wilton Dental Associates we work directly with a Sleep MD and can offer our patients a Home Sleep Study which is accepted by all insurance companies. For home sleep studies we use the Watermark Ares system which is extremely accurate, easy to use, and comfortable. If the free screening we offer indicates an unstable or inadequate airway we prescribe a home sleep study which goes to a sleep MD. If the study indicates that the airway is a health concern, treatment is covered by medial insurance. If a oral sleep appliance is indicated Wilton Dental Associates accepts all Medical Insurance plans and Medicare as payment.

The equipment we use is the newest in diagnosing airway stability and efficiency. We use this equipment as part of our Free Airway and Sleep Health Screening procedure. The medical profession estimates that 80% of people with Sleep Apnea are undiagnosed.We also use this equipment in determining the best design of an oral appliance to treat snoring and especially mild and moderate sleep apnea.

We use oral appliance therapy for severe sleep apnea in cases where the person can not tolerate a CPAP machine. A very large number of people can not tolerate CPAPs. It has been reported that has high as 70% of people are CPAP intolerant. Dr.Strait has been involved with sleep and Airway health for over 25 years. The newest sleep technology and sleep appliances are extremely effective and successful.

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