Can Invisalign work to correct a case where you are getting ugly Black triangles between your front teeth at the gumline?

The Best Answer is to treat the Cause and the Symptom.

Treating the “black triangle” is easy with Invisalign. More importantly though, one needs to treat the cause. In almost all cases Black Triangles are caused by gum recession. This is caused by Periodontal pathogens and your immune system. A good dentist should be identifying and be helping you eliminate these causative “bad” bacteria. If your current dentist is not using a Phase microscope or any other identifying technology nor using antibacterial therapy to eliminate these pathogens, I would predict you will be getting bigger and more “black triangles”. For some more information on this see the video on which is a public education website for the Periodontal Pathogen Public Education Foundation (PPPEF).

At Wilton Dental Associates we have been successfully eliminating the Cause of Dental Disease for over 30 years.

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