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“Every patient wants to feel "special" and you have treated me that way with what I know to be knowledgeable and exceptional care.” - Ann


THE FOLLOWING QUESTION WAS POSTED ON LINE CONCERNING TRADITIONAL “METAL BRACES” ORTHODONTICS. I just got my braces off and my top teeth do not align with my bottom teeth. How can my bite be corrected at this stage? One of the problems with traditional “braces” is that the dentist or orthodontist has to guess or

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estimate by eye in order to get the upper teeth to align with the lower teeth. This results in more chance of error and usually a longer treatment time than the new Invisalign technique. http://wiltondentalassoc.com/invisalign-reason-best/ http://wiltondentalassoc.com/invisalign-reason-best/ http://wiltondentalassoc.com/invisalign-reason-best/Because Invisalign uses computer technology it is easy to co-ordinate the relationship of the upper and lower teeth. I would recommend an experienced General and Cosmetic Dentist who has been doing Invisalign orthodontics for some time. Get a second opinion. Whomever helps you should consider your periodontal health, cosmetics, and the relationship of your teeth and bite to your TMJ in order not only to have a good bite but to make sure you will have long term dental and oral health.

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