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“Every patient wants to feel "special" and you have treated me that way with what I know to be knowledgeable and exceptional care.” - Ann
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THE FOLLOWING QUESTION WAS POSTED ON LINE CONCERNING TRADITIONAL “METAL BRACES” ORTHODONTICS. I just got my braces off and my top teeth do not align with my bottom teeth. How can my bite be corrected at this stage? One of the problems with traditional “braces” is that the dentist or orthodontist has to guess or […]

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We believe all dental disease is preventable at Wilton and Bethel Dental Associates. THE SYSTEM THAT WE USE GETS RID OF THE SPECIFIC BACTERIA RESPONSIBLE FOR BOTH DECAY AND GUM DISEASE. WE ARE ONE OF ONLY 1000 OUT OF 300,000 DENTISTS WHO ARE USING THIS EFFECTIVE AND EASY SYSTEM. The system uses new, effective and […]

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Despite what you may believe or what you have been told Dental Insurance does more harm than good by discouraging preventive and routine dentistry to those dentists who sign up via the depression of these fees resulting in dentists making most of their income from root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, surgery and all the procedures […]

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Temporary Veneers

What about eating and/or smoking just after temporary veneers have been put on? Temporary Veneers are placed on the teeth to protect them while the permanent veneers are being made at the lab.  They are not at all like the permanents will be and are not very strong nor very resistant to staining.  I would […]

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I have the money to afford the veneers! but I’m scared they might suggest I get braces! I’m too old for braces! do you think I qualify for veneers? ANSWER: With significantly crowded teeth, veneers would not be able to sufficiently address your esthetic or functional needs. Without repositioning the teeth, your teeth would need […]

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How can Dental Insurance help me?

Dental insurance is a benefit provided by an employer which costs the employer considerably more money than the employer’s employees will ever collect from the insurance  company.  If the employer pays in, let’s say, $1500.00 dollars per year to the insurance company per employee,  on average an employee will only collect about $750.00.  As an […]

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Do People with Great Smiles Make More Money?

The majority of Americans believe that an unattractive smile can prevent a person from achieving financial prosperity and that having a great smile contributes to career success. One important aspect of what is considered ‘good looks’ is one’s smile and the appearance of the teeth. Critical to a great smile are nice looking teeth. Unfortunately, […]

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DR STRAIT’S SYSTEM OF ELIMINATING THE CAUSE OF DENTAL DISEASE Dental Disease – (Decay/Cavities/Caries and Gum Disease/ Periodontal Disease/ Pyorrhea) is caused directly or indirectly by certain bacteria.  There is really no other cause.  Things like eating candy,  excessive sugar consumption,  poor diet, smoking , defective tooth structure, etc. only contribute to or make someone […]

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While I was attending a post-doctoral educational meeting the subject of achieving and maintaining dental health came up and the lecturer (a renowned dental health educator) said  “THE NUMBER ONE HINDRANCE TO THE OVERALL HEALTH OF THE PUBLIC IS INSURANCE”.  It occurred to me that this was a pretty radical statement until I really thought […]

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What about the retention of the results achieved with Invisalign compared to traditional orthodontics?

After 15 years of observing the retention of Invisalign cases and a much longer time observing traditional orthodontic cases I would say that retention depends more upon the specifics of any individual case and how compliant the patient has been with the plan for retention than upon whether the case was done with Invisalign or […]

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