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1. Have a microscopic culture, MC ( taken to establish the presence, activity level, and prevalence of disease causing/ pathogenic bacteria. 2. Review current home regimen, effectiveness, and efficiency. 3. Have dental professional go over: A. Water Pik irrigation- How to reach effective 8-10 B. Delivery of Antibacterial- Therasol, etc. C. Toothbrushing – Sonicaire, dentifrices, etc., D. Flossing- Floss-Aid or other devices. 4. Return to office in one to two weeks for new microscopic culture, MC . Receive additional oral hygiene instruction and trouble shooting guide as necessary. If MC is

not negative (no activity of Oral pathogens/disease causing bacteria) then make appointment in two weeks to recheck MC. 5. Stay on

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track with regular Preventative Oral Hygiene/ck-up/cleaning appointments every 6 months. For patients who were diagnosed with active periodontal disease this may be 3 months.

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