What Our Patients are Saying

I have received periodontal treatment, crowns, cleanings and preventive care and the care here is thorough, meticulous, with detailed explanation and education. The care is step-wise to ensure complete resolution of my problems. The experience and knowledge of Dr. Strait have been key to resolving some pretty significant problems. I would recommend Dr. Strait. He and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable on all health issues. The treatment has been very effective and productive.

Paul Mansfield

~ Nov. 10, 2017 ~

The dental care and service I have received at Wilton Dental Associates has been excellent, very thorough, and with great follow-up. Dr. Strait is very knowledgeable and considerate. The office is very flexible with the schedule and will work you in quickly. The staff is really nice and the office is very clean. I would recommend this office to anyone.

Emily Knight

~ Oct. 9, 2017 ~

Excellent Excellent! I have never had such a good experience at a Dental office before.Why did my old Dentist never try to educate me on preventing dental disease.I see no more Dental bills in my future .The staff and Doctor were Great I am getting rid of my supervised neglect Dental insurance too !!!

John Richardson

~ Sept. 14, 2017~

The dental care I received at this office has been among the most compassionate care I have ever received. I was informed of each step in the process which made me feel much more comfortable. The staff is extremely professional and friendly. They made the experience enjoyable. Dr. Strait is an extremely experienced dentist who works to prevent future dental issues

Jennifer Manfreidi

~ Jun. 2, 2017 ~

I have been very afraid of going to the dentist in the past and had been at the point of not going at all until I found Dr. Strait and his great staff. I have had a tremendous amount of dental care in this office: gum treatment, root canals, crowns, bridgework, etc. and this has been the experience, the best treatment, and the best service I have ever received. Wilton Dental Associates has made me very comfortable, these are people who care about you! I would and do recommend Wilton Dental Associates, this a dental office that puts people first and not money first.

Tim Dunleavy

~ May 17, 2017 ~

I have experienced many dental professionals across many geographies relocating for different work opportunities. I can say with certainty, the professionalism, knowledge and caring for the patient and their oral health by Dr. Strait and his team of professionals is unparalleled in the field of dentistry. I am lucky to have found them and I recommend their services whenever I can. Thank you to each and every member of the team.

Roger Van Brussel

~ Mar. 1, 2017 ~

Dr. Strait is the best dentist I've ever found or heard of. What he suggests for home-care is innovated and actually works.If you're looking for the best, congratulations, you just hit the jackpot. Look no further.

Isaac Nevas

~ Apr. 9, 2016 ~

I have had nothing but a great experience throughout all of the work being done by Dr. Strait and his staff. They are a class act and then some in my opinion. I have finally found a real dentist who is in the profession because of caring about people and he practices what he preaches.

Tom S.

~ Feb. 14, 2016 ~
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