Our Team

Julia E. Strait CDA

Executive Director

Tiffany Shelton, BS, RDH


 Ellery Sharlow, BS, RDH


 Crystal Plaza

Appointment Coordinator

Sterilization and Patient Safety

At Wilton Dental Associates sterilization and patient safety are of utmost concern. Layers of infection control procedures are used to address this concern. When at all possible, disposable, one-use instruments and supplies are used. Needles, anesthetic carpules, prophy angles (like the rubber-like cup used to polish your teeth during cleanings), saliva ejectors (the straw-like suction device used to remove saliva from your mouth), patient napkins/towels, tray and instrument covers and plastic sleeves, all cotton and paper products, staff and doctors mask and gloves, etc. are all disposable/ one-use.


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