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“Every patient wants to feel "special" and you have treated me that way with what I know to be knowledgeable and exceptional care.” - Ann

Comfort Systems

Wilton DentalAt Wilton Dental Associates, we offer comfort systems along with a truly caring and empathetic approach.

Innovative Anesthetics

State-of-the-art topical anesthetics, needleless injections, and nitrous oxide analgesia make a dental visit unbelievably comfortable and assuage the fears of many needle-phobic patients.

Sensory Distractions

Our dentist office provides all types of distractions when you are with our dentist. Whether you are dental phobic, a nervous person or just want to relax and watch a movie or listen to music, we can accommodate. These distractions allow for our dentist Dr. Strait to work both promptly and effectively as well as providing a relaxing experience for you.

To find out how Dr. Van Strait at Wilton Dental Associates in CT can help you with your dental needs, call 203-761-0223.