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“Every patient wants to feel "special" and you have treated me that way with what I know to be knowledgeable and exceptional care.” - Ann

Comfort Systems

Wilton DentalAt Wilton Dental Associates, we offer comfort systems along with a truly caring and empathetic approach.

Innovative Anesthetics

State-of-the-art topical anesthetics, needleless injections, and nitrous oxide analgesia make a dental visit unbelievably comfortable and assuage the fears of many needle-phobic patients.

Sensory Distractions

We provide all types of distractions for the dental phobic or the nervous person, as well as for those who would just like to listen to music or watch a movie during their dental visit. These media distractions help the patient to relax, and this allows Dr. Strait to work more quickly and effectively.

To find out how Dr. Van Strait at Wilton Dental Associates in CT can help you with your dental needs, call 203-761-0223.