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Dr. A. Vandiveer Strait

Dr. Strait has made excellence a priority and his membership in the Crown Council, his offices and practice as well as his dedication to continuing education is evidence of this. He has become certified in Periodontics, Endodontics, Implant dentistry, and Invisalign Orthodontics where he has achieved both Premier and Preferred Provider status.

In 2017 Dr. Strait was voted as the winner and best case outcome among 30,000 Invisalign Orthodontic providers in North America utilizing Invisalign Orthodontics combined with other dental care and presented his case at the Invisalign Summit in Washington, DC. Recently he completed advanced courses in Cosmetics and Neuromuscular Dentistry (TMJ) at the world famous Las Vegas Institute.

Why?, Advantages, Choices: What you as a patient should know

At Wilton Dental Associates we believe our patients deserve the safest and most accurate diagnostic equipment. Because Dr. Strait studied x-ray technique and technology under Dr. W. J. Updegrave at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and has continued with years of postdoctoral courses on the subject he wants for his patients only the newest and best x-ray equipment available. For this reason Wilton Dental Associates offers the:

Instrumentarium- Orthopantomograph OP 200D

Advanced Panoramic Imaging, consistent gold standard image quality, automatic values correction, extremely low x-ray exposure (only 1/10th of a complete set of dental x-rays), v-shaped beam for optimal image, 3D capacity, usurpassed and easy 5 point positioning system, open design for patient comfort.

Uses of a panoramic x-ray:

  1. To view the health of the jaws, maxillary(upper) and mandibular (lower).
  2. To view the maxiallary sinuses.
  3. To view the health and position of unerupted teeth.
  4. To view the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint)
  5. To diagnose impacted Third Molars or other teeth.
  6. To reveal cysts in the jaw bones.
  7. To reveal jaw tumors and oral cancer
  8. To help in revealing any carotid artery calcification
  9. Can be used in very young children since nothing has to be placed inside the mouth.
  10. For Diagnosis, and pre- and post-surgical assessment of oral and maxillofacial trauma and fractures.
  11. To reveal or locate Salivary stones (Sialolithiasis).
  12. To help locate the source of dental pain.
  13. Assessment for the placement of dental implants
  14. For the diagnosis of developmental anomalies.

Dental X-ray safety:

Dental X-rays are among the safest of all diagnostic procedures. For comparison:

In uSv (microsieverts) currently most common measuring unit

  • 5 uSv Dental X-ray
  • 10 uSv Background Dose received by average person on average day
  • 40 uSv Flight from NY to LA
  • 70 uSv Living in a stone, brick, or concrete building for a year.
  • 100 uSv Chest X-ray
  • 1500 uSv Spinal X-ray
  • 2000 uSv Natural background radiation we are all exposed to per year. (Note: Dose is higher for people living at high altitudes)
  • 3000 uSv Mammogram
  • 10,000 uSv CT Scan
    36,000 uSv Smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes per day for a year

The Paralleling x-ray technique utilizing the Rinn XCP x-ray positioners.

The Paralleling technique results in extremely high quality x-rays with a minimum of distortion and is the most reliable technique for taking intraoral periapical dental x-rays. The film is placed parallel to the long axis of the tooth and the central beam is directed a right angles to the long axis of the tooth. Using the shielded long cone as show in the photo reduces scatter radiation considerably and also results in a clearer more exact x-ray. Dr Strait has chosen this technique for Wilton Dental Associates because of the superior results it produces as well as it outstanding safety.

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