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Dr. A. Vandiveer Strait

Dr. Strait has made excellence a priority and his membership in the Crown Council, his offices and practice as well as his dedication to continuing education is evidence of this. He has become certified in Periodontics, Endodontics, Implant dentistry, and Invisalign Orthodontics where he has achieved both Premier and Preferred Provider status.

In 2017 Dr. Strait was voted as the winner and best case outcome among 30,000 Invisalign Orthodontic providers in North America utilizing Invisalign Orthodontics combined with other dental care and presented his case at the Invisalign Summit in Washington, DC. Recently he completed advanced courses in Cosmetics and Neuromuscular Dentistry (TMJ) at the world famous Las Vegas Institute.

Our “Disease Control Program" is included with your regular Hygiene/cleaning visits at no additional charge.

“Treat the CAUSE not justthe Symptoms”

At Wilton Dental Associates our “Disease Control Program" is included with your regular Hygiene/cleaning visits and is coached by one of our Registered Dental Hygienists at no additional charge.

The only actual Cause of both Decay and Periodontal disease is Bacteria/microorganisms. Everything else you have heard to be the cause of Gum/Periodontal Disease or Decay (like Sugar, Hard toothbrushing, Tartar deposits on your teeth, hormonal changes, illnesses, family history, etc.) are just agents which contribute or predispose you to these bacterial infections. The fact is, if we eliminated all the bad disease causing bacteria/microorganisms from your mouth you would never get decay or periodontal disease of any sort.

These are not just any bacteria. They are very different from the majority of bacteria that can live in your mouth. Although there over 600 varieties that can live In your mouth, only about 20 or so varieties are responsible for all dental disease. Although the varieties of bacteria which cause decay are different than those which cause Periodontal/gum disease we have found that when we eliminate the bacteria that cause periodontal disease we also eliminate the bacteria that cause decay. There are two things in general about all the bacteria that cause dental disease that you should know. First they are all completely or partially anaerobic (they like to live in places in your mouth where there is little or no oxygen) and secondly they have a very high metabolism (they multiply quickly in fact double in number every 3 hours, and need food constantly to survive). 

The above facts are both the BAD NEWS and the GOOD NEWS. The bad news is because of the fact they are anaerobic/don’t like oxygen, they like to live places where there is little or no oxygen like under your gums, between your teeth, in grooves, crevices, and cracks in your teeth, or in defects in or under margins of fillings or other restorative dentistry in your mouth. This means they are hard to get at. Also if you have any root exposed under the gum (and 99% of the adult public has at least a small amount), this surface is porous and you can hide a billion pathogens in a hairline of root around one tooth. Their high metabolism however is the real problem. Because they have a very high metabolism they do things that result in dental disease. As examples the varieties that cause decay can quickly turn sugar into acid, etc and relatively quickly this can result in damage to the tooth and tooth decay. Also as an example because of their extremely high metabolism they need food constantly and the varieties which cause periodontal disease produce chemicals that trigger your immune system to defend you. This action of the immune system is responsible for all damage to your gums and the supporting tissues of your teeth, i.e. periodontal disease. To say it another way, this group of 20 or so varieties of bacteria are the causative agents of all dental disease.

THE MAIN POINT to understand is that if we eliminate all the bacteria which are completely or partially anaerobic and which have a very high metabolism we will not get Decay or Periodontal Disease.

You probably have heard or if you ask about this will be told that to eliminate all these disease causing bacteria/microorganisms from the mouth is impossible.

The GOOD NEWS is that it IS possible. In fact at Wilton Dental Associates we have prevented all new dental disease for pretty much everyone in our practice who follows the preventative methods and technology we recommend. 

In a nutshell the preventative method and technology is to:

Teach you how to become so effective and efficient with your home care that in about 5 minutes per day you can eliminate all the bad bacteria/pathogens in your mouth using a unique combination of the following: Sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush, Baking soda with a fluoride gel or TheraSol dentifrice, special floss with a Floss aid, Water Irrigator, and TheraSol antibacterial. TheraSol doesn’t kill any bacteria directly but works by simply coating all the bacteria in the mouth in such a way as to prevent the bacteria from metabolizing for 5 to 6 hours. As a result It does not kill any good bacteria because they all have a slow metabolism and can live for a long time without food as opposed to the bad/ disease causing bacteria which are killed quickly because of their high metabolism which prevents them from living more than a few hours without food. The home care program that we use and gets the results I told you about is not as simple to carry out as I have suggested and requires the attention and coaching of a trained Registered Dental Hygienist to get long term success. For our regular patients our “Disease Control Program” and the coaching by one of our hygienists is Free and included with your regular hygiene visits.

At Wilton Dental Associates we believe in treating the CAUSE of Dental Disease not just the symptoms. We understand that via the methods and preventive program we have been using at our office in Wilton, CT any dentist can PUT HIMSELF OUT OF BUSINESS when it comes to his or her patients needing treatment for new decay or periodontal disease and we have done this with regard to new dental disease for our regular patients. This I believe is why you have not heard about the methods or technology we recommend. Fortunately for us, we offer a considerable number of dental services in our office that have nothing to do with you having Dental Decay or Periodontal Disease. Examples are Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign Orthodontics, TMJ and facial pain treatment, and Airway and sleep health including Sleep Apnea.

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